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CALL Past Events

CALL Past Events 2011 - 2014


February           Finance matters

                         A talk and question and answer session with a panel of financial experts

                         Glynn Leaney (Financial Adviser), Stefanie O'Bryen (Family Solicitor)

                         and Sue Rowley (Personal Relationship Manager NatWest)

March               Managing your Personal Projects

                        Tips and advice on how to organise home, work and life projects 

                         Mike Hougham (Management Consultant)

May                  Getting the Most from Digital Cameras

                         A talk by Paul Hallett and Mike Parrott (Wallingford Photographic Society)

June                 Prepare your own CV

                        Tips and advice from Shireen Lawrence (Head of Human Resources GEMS UK)


2011 - 2012

September       Getting the most from your digital camera  - Part 1                  

October           Getting the most from your digital camera  - Part 2

                        A 2-session workshop run by Martin Wiggall (Licentiate Royal  Photographic Society)

October           Attracting Birds to your Garden

                        A talk by Frances Buckel (Secretary of the Banbury Ornithological Society)

November       The Battle of Chalgrove 

                        A talk by Derek Lester (Member of the John Hampden Society)

November       First Aid for Adults

                       Advice and instruction by Andy Long (Member of the First Responders Team)

January          Money matters

                       A question and answer session with Glynn Leaney (Financial Adviser) and  Stefanie O'Bryen

                       (Family Solicitor)

February        A Beginner's Guide to Growing your own vegetables 

                      A session full of tips and ideas run by Mike Hougham (Amateur lifelong vegetable gardener)

March            Know your Local wildlife 

                      A talk by Elaine Ingram and Andy Gunn (Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust)

April               How Green is my Chalgrove?

                      Outline talks with a question and answer session

                      A panel of representatives from local groups undertaking 'green' projects in Chalgrove

May               Summer Food

                      A cookery demonstration by Jeanette Barrington


2012 - 2013

September       Welcome to the Fascinating World of Fungi

                        A talk on fungi by Pedro Collins (Conservation Officer with the Environment Agency)

                        with a follow-up foraging trip in local woodland

October           Tickle your little Grey Cells

                        An evening of puzzles and games run by Mary Hedderwick and Tayeb Chakera

November        Christmas Party Food

                        A cookery demonstration by Jeanette Barrington

January           The Church and the Chalgrove Community through the Ages

                        A talk by the Revd. Canon Ian Cohen

February         The role of a Magistrate in the Community

                        A talk with questions and answer session followed by a visit to the Oxford Magistrates Courts

                       Tim Pocock (Chair of Oxfordshire Magistrates Association)  and Tayeb Chakera (Magistrate)

February        Soup Glorious Soup

                       A 2-session short course on making your own homemade soup run by Jeanette Barrington

March             Beyond the Garden Gate

                       A talk on birds and other wildlife found around Oxfordshire 

                       Frances Buckel (Secretary of the Banbury Ornithological Society)

April               Ouch Mum! I've been stung - Simple First Aid around the Home 

                      A talk with tips and advice and a chance to learn CPR

                      Dr Eileen McManus (GP Watlington and Chalgrove GP Practice)

June              Tastes of India

                       A cookery demonstration by Sandhya Patel and Kashmira Patel


2013 -2014

September       The Role of the Member of Parliament

                        A talk with a question and answer session by John Howell, our local MP

September       All About Dogs - Your Canine Conundrums Solved

                        A session on dog training run by Jenny Green (Bells and Whistles Behaviour)

October           Speaking in Public

                        A talk with tips and advice by Mary Hedderwick

                       (Trainer of teams and judge for competitions in public speaking)                       

November       The Art of Patisserie

                        A 2-session Short Course run by Jeanette Barrington

January           Human Rituals and Religious Ceremonies

                        A talk by the Revd. Canon Ian Cohen

February         Money Management for Groups and Individuals

                        Part 1 Estimating and Agreeing Budgets

                        A talk with tips and advice by Mike Hougham  (Management Consultant)                       

March             Brush up your Brain Power

                       An evening of puzzles and games run by Mary Hedderwick and Tayeb Chakera

April                A Practitioner's Guide to Bee Keeping 

                       A talk by Alan Shorter (Local bee keeper)                                                               

June               Spice up your Barbeque

                       A cookery demonstration by Tayeb and Evelyn Chakera