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Apple Pressing

Apple PressingSince 2011, CWaCS have organised an Autumn Apple Pressing day where village residents can bring their apples (or pears) and crush and press them to produce wonderful fresh fruit juice.  For the more adventurous, after pressing, the apple juice can be fermented to produce home-made cider.  

The event has been so successful that CWaCS, with the help of the Chalgrove 200 Club, have purchased their own set of apple pressing equipment.   

The equipment includes:

  • Apple crusher (electric) - chops the fruit into a course pulp
  • Apple press  (manual) - presses the juice from the fruit pulp
  • Bottle pasteuriser (electric) - pasteurises the bottled juice
  • Plastic tubs for holding apples and pulp

This equipment can be made available to village residents, subject to a deposit and a small fee.  Please contact Anthea Dudley for further details.

CWaCS would welcome any unwanted apples that you would like donate for use on the apple pressing days and may be able to assist with picking.