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Recycling, Rubbish and Waste Services

The waste collection service in Chalgrove is provided by South Oxfordshire District Council.  The service consists of:

  • a weekly collection of food waste in a small lockable caddy
  • a fortnightly mixed recycling collection in a wheeled bin
  • a fortnightly rubbish collection of non recyclable waste in a wheeled bin
  • a chargeable 'opt-in' fortnightly collection of garden waste in a wheeled bin

Waste collection in Chalgrove currently occurs on Tuesdays.  You can find the types of waste collected in each week from this link.  More information is provided on the South Oxfordshire District Council recycling, rubbish and waste web page.

Bins should not be put out earlier than 6pm on the day before collection, or later than 7am on the day of collection, and handles should be facing outward.


Batteries can now be recycled on your fortnightly recycling collection day.

Household batteries, such as 6v batteries, 9v batteries (transistor batteries), D, C AA, AAA and button batteries (watch batteries) as well as mobile phone batteries, laptop batteries and lithium batteries with tape across the terminals should be placed into a small, clear plastic bag (such as a sandwich bag or food bag), and placed on top of your green bin on recycling week. Waste crews will take them away for recycling.

Other Disposal Facilities

  • Bottle bank - in the village car park by the school.
  • Clothing - in the car park of the Lamb.
  • Dumps:
    • Oakley Wood (through Ewelme and keep going)
    • Redbridge (adjacent to Park and Ride, and near Sainsburys)
  • Bins in various locations
    • Tesco in Cowley and Asda in Wheatley have bottle/paper/can banks.
    • There are a selection of bins available in the central car park in Watlington.