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Advertise in Link

Link is produced entirely by volunteers on a non profit basis and delivered free to over 1500 househods in Chalgrove and the surrounding area.  The only income Link receives is from advertisers.

The number of new houses being built has increased the demand considerably and, like many commodities in recent times, the cost of paper, ink and printing has increased dramatically over the last 12 months.

If you do run a business, particularly if you have only recently become residents in the area covered by LINK, you may be of the opinion that you don’t need to advertise because you get enough business as it is. However, with advertising available from just £80 per annum, you would only need to get one new customer through appearing in Link to cover the cost very quickly.

So, if you run any type of business and would like to advertsie in Link and help us to continue to provide it as a service to the community, please contact Glynn Leaney, telephone 01865 400323.

Please click here to check out our latest rates and deatils of the type of information we need from you..

If you have any comments or suggestions to make about Link, please email us at