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Churchyard Hedge Restoration

Churchyard New Hedge

Along the southern boundary of the St Marys Churchyard lies a hedgerow in need of some care. Part of it had been laid in 1999 however with no subsequent management it has become over grown and dominated by trees and brambles. As part of the project to restore this hedge CWaCS (Chalgrove Wildlife and Conservation Society) have so far cleared a lot of the bramble and elder, these are not good for hedges as they will take over and suffocate growth of other species. We have also felled a couple of dying trees to open up space in the hedgerow and allow some light in for smaller trees to establish.

Chuchyard PlantingWith the help of many willing volunteers we will have planted up the gaps with native hedge plants and coppiced some of the hazel stools to encourage new growth and allow the new plants some more light. Over time we hope to be able to restore this into a well managed hedge beneficial to wildlife.

For more information on the hedge laying process see the document Churchyard Hedge Restoration.