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Chalgrove Midsummer Ball

Chalgrove Midsummer Ball - Deflated!

Final update from the current Committee:

Having placed an advert in LINK, and delivered leaflets to every house in the village, the response was disappointing. We heard anecdotes from various people in the village saying that many people have discussed this, but the total number of responses we actually received was ten.

From the very limited feedback we have received, we understand that the ticket price was the main hurdle. We are aware that there are concerns about the price, and that some believe we are making a profit from ticket sales. This is not so; the Ball costs approx. £20,000 to put on, and we cater for 250 people; simple division gives you a price per ticket. All the money for the charities comes from the auctions, raffles, and bar receipts.

We have tried very hard to find lower cost suppliers, but have exhausted all avenues. We cut costs as much as we can - we even borrow a van and collect all the glassware from Waitrose (as they offer free glass hire), and we wash them and take them back the next day. Our team works tirelessly to make the venue as perfect as possible, and despite this, also pay full price for our tickets. On top of that, the committee are personally liable for any losses.

Sadly, it is not viable for the Ball to continue in its current form without enough support, so we are hanging up our Ball gowns and black ties. The last of the money in the kitty (about £450) will be split equally between the First Responders and CHATS as the two most local charities. Of course, if anyone else wants to take up the challenge, we'd be delighted to pass on any tips so feel free to contact us.

Finally, a huge thank you to everyone who been part of the Ball, either as an organiser, helper, or most importantly, as a guest; we hope you enjoyed one of the best village Balls in Oxfordshire.

Chalgrove Midsummer Ball Committee: Paul Boone, Neil Topping, Anthea Dudley, Lindsey Townsend, Simon Reynolds, Caroline Reynolds

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